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The Art Gallery of Western Australia | AGWA

Jul 28

About The Art Gallery of Western Australia | AGWA

The State Art Collection is a museum to the art of Western Australia, with works by notable locals and international artists. Displaying styles as old as colonial times through modern-day pop culture, you can find something that matches your taste in this gallery space! The Balancing Act floor plan allows visitors to experience displaying indigenous cultures across centuries on one wall. It 
 simultaneously gives them insight into other areas like fashion accessory design shops or book stores where they’ll be able to pick up books about contemporary issues facing our communities today. All without ever leaving those inaugurating walls.

The Gallery has been in existence since 1895 and occupies a precinct of three heritage buildings on the southeastern corner, including the former Perth Police Courts. The main gallery opened up 40 years ago as well with its iconic modernist design inspired by Mexican museums like the Museum Of Anthropology, where they have these really cool pediments that cover everything from sculptures to artwork; it's very impressive!

Art gallery

What to do The Art Gallery of Western Australia | AGWA

The Gallery is dedicated to presenting Australian artists in a comprehensive and exciting manner, as well as the latest international pieces. Whether you are looking for new inspiration or want an escape from your day-to-day life, come see us!

TheAGWA is committed to presenting exceptional programs and exhibitions that highlight the best of Australian art, while also striving for international relevance. The Gallery’s geographic position provides it access not only some highly rated institutions but great cultures from all over world which keep bringing new ideas into our spaces!

The permanent exhibition at Desert River is an outstanding example of Australian art history. It includes works by indigenous traditional and contemporary artists from the Northern Territory, as well pieces showcasing Western Australia's rich tradition spanning over 200 years! There are always new displays on display that represent key themes in this amazing collection - take your time exploring every inch if you get a chance because there truly isn't anything else quite like it anywhere else.

The art gallery

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