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Bogey Hole, Newcastle NSW

May 28

About Bogey Hole, Newcastle NSW

What better place to enjoy a dip than The Bogey Hole? Located at the foot of Shepherd’s Hill, this spot was once known as “sheep pasturage hill". Geologically speaking it consists mostly of sandstone/conglomerate rocks typical for coastal areas near Newcastle where much history has been made possible because they are so rich with natural resources. It stands out among other historic places due to its use early on by settlers who sought relief from harsh conditions while also playing an important role throughout NSW's development into what we know today - potential national significance if there ever were one!

The story of how the Bogey Hole came to be is as old and intriguing, if not more so than its location. A wave-cut rock platform hand-hewn by convicts for Major James Morisset in 1819 now stands high above what was once just another natural pool used by Aboriginal people before them - but who knows? What really matters at this point though are those memories you can take away from your visit or experience here today!

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What to do in Bogey Hole, Newcastle NSW

If you're looking for an Instagram-worthy spot, look no further than the Bogey Hole ocean pool. It's difficult to get a good photo of it because it's so big and impressive at full flight but in calm waters with white sand beaches surrounding them, this place really does take your breath away!

The Bogey Hole is a must-see for any visitor to the island. The stairs leading down into this incredible swimming hole are usually crowded with people, but it's well worth taking time out from your journey if only so that you can enjoy staring at how beautifully carved-out rock these natural wonders truly are!
The view from above will leave even more memories as waves crash against nearby cliffs and wash around in between them before being awarded acceptance by calm waters far below - all while providing stunning scenery up top during every sunny day or cloudy evening alike.

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